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Allie and Armin discuss the latest news on atheism, secularism, and religion from a global perspective.

Jan 17, 2021

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The views and opinions expressed in here are the commentators' own and do not reflect the official position of Atheist Republic.


Victory! NEW American anti-Female Genital Mutilation Law! 
Location: United States of America

3 Sentenced to Death for Blasphemy in Pakistan 
Location: Pakistan

Twitter Deletes Chinese embassy's Uyghur 'Emancipation' Tweet 
Location: USA & China

Man Claims Jesus Told Him To Cause Fatal Crash To Save Infant Son 
Location: Kentucky, United States of America

50-Year-Old Indian Woman Gang-Raped, Allegedly Murdered by Priest 
Location: Uttar Pradesh, India

White TikTok mom blasted for making kids pray to Black women  
Location: United States of America

Turkish Sex Cult Leader Sentenced to More Than 1,000 Years in Jail  
Location: Turkey

German Catholic officials ask reporters for 'silence' on child abuse report 
Location: German

Indian State Gov Insists That “Anti-Conversion” Law Is Not Bigoted 
Location: Uttar Pradesh, India

Atheist Republic is censored and blocked in India  
Location: India