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Allie and Armin discuss the latest news on atheism, secularism, and religion from a global perspective.

May 19, 2019

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1. One dead as Sri Lanka town gripped by another bout of anti-Muslim violence  
Location: Sri Lanka

2. Pastor Who Raped Adopted 14-y.o. Daughter Gets Lenient Sentence Due to His Faith  
Location: Knoxville, Tennessee

3. Rome opens up exorcism course to all major Christian faiths to fight rising demonic forces  
Location: Rome

4. Christchurch shootings: The 22-year-old who converted to Islam after the mosque attacks  
Location: New Zealand

5. Muslims In Moscow Say They Lack Space For Friday Prayers  
Location: Moscow, Russia

6. Iowa Gov. Signs Law Blocking Tax Dollars from Funding Transgender Surgery  
Location: Iowa

7. Seven Kings Mosque London: โ€˜Masked' gunman chased out of Ilford mosque before firing weapon during Ramadan prayers  
Location: London

8. What happens next with Alabama's near-total abortion ban  
Location: Alabama

9. Fire at New Haven Mosque Was Intentionally Set, Fire Chief Says  
Location: New Haven, Connecticut

10. Facebook video calling Islamic culture 'barbaric' and 'primitive' shared by federal CLP candidate Jacinta Price  
Location: Australia

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