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Allie and Armin discuss the latest news on atheism, secularism, and religion from a global perspective.

Dec 20, 2020

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The views and opinions expressed in this video are the commentators' own and do not reflect the official position of Atheist Republic.


Supreme Court of United States Declines to Roll Back Marriage Equality 
Location: United States

Iranian “Zombie Angelina Jolie” teenager jailed for 10 years 
Location: Iran

Austria court overturns primary school hijab ban 
Location: Austria

Bhutan decriminalizes homosexuality 
Location: Bhutan

Survey Finds Young Americans Still Hide Their “Atheist” Label 
Location: United States

China's tiny Jewish community in fear as Beijing erases its history  
Location: China

Gay conversion therapy: Hundreds of religious leaders call for ban 
Location: United Kingdom & Global

Homophobic priest caught watching gay adult videos in church 
Location: New York City, New York

Indian Woman who married Dalit man killed & buried by brothers 
Location: Uttar Pradesh, India

Study finds nearly half of American LGBTQ adults are religious 
Location: United States